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Dear parents and family members, whether you are a grandparent or a relative, this web site supported by the Holy Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronas is a reference point for all of us since it was created, aiming to cover our common need, for more information on child protection on the Internet. The achievement of this goal was achieved by studying and compiling seven years of research into the medical community of Greece and abroad, bringing to light critical data useful for the healthy use of the Internet. The result of this research is the writing of four e-books, which you can read by going through our web site at: Menu -Material- E-books.

Through the research and the search for solutions to problems faced by children and teenagers, as they become familiar with the vast world of the Internet, the idea of ​​feedback of knowledge data was born. To make this possible, we focused on the value of the recreational approach, combining traditional and modern data learning. We aimed children and adolescents to acquire the basic knowledge skills so that they gradually turn consciously to use technology to the benefit of them. The material (e-books), which consists of a fairy tale and three stories for primary, secondary and high school children, approaches vital issues for health protection so that the Central Nervous System (CNS) is not adversely affected of the human organism, due to the interaction of the technological means towards the human being. The specific works, having a teaching, a mathematical and anthropocentric content, make it easy for a child to identify with one of the heroes. Thus he is taught, cultivates his moral values, exacerbates his judgment and is entertained. It is noteworthy that medical conditions that have hitherto been difficult to understand, from small as well as older people, have been discarded.

We are deliberately mentioning some medical terminologies, which emphasize their understanding as they are elements of biological literacy for the person who wants to be literate biologically. A fact that is an unparalleled need in the digital age because of the interaction we mentioned above. Indicatively, we make a reference below to e-books, such as: an inherently addictive medium, addiction to the internet, co-morbidity, continuous chronic dopamine action, reward system, natural and artificial rewards, Also on this site you will have the chance to read up-to-date expert interviews, important views from interesting people, and up-to-date articles on developments in the digital age! On behalf of the Vigilance Association on the Internet, we would like to encourage you to be informed, follow us, participate in our events, and read with your children the e-books, thus giving the trigger for discussion!


Why was the “Vigilance on the Internet” created?

It was created through a true need of society. After discussions with parents, we thought that a coordinated social action had to be done, as young people literally are more attracted to anything than computers!

The purpose of the Association is to provide information on the safety of children and adolescents on the internet so that innocent children’s eyes can continue to make dreams and live in a safer world!


The Association “Vigilance on the Internet” takes place under the auspices of the Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronas. First of all, the Association embraces and strengthens the public innovative step, recognizing the value, potential and future power of digital technology as a fully developed instrument for advancing progress! At the same time, it exploits the impetus given by the heart of society, the need to create a reference point through which parents can give their mark, contributing to the re-creation of a safer society in the digital era!

The “Online Awareness” Association is helping the events of the modern world, promoting progress in the digital age by creating a cognitive framework of values ​​on issues such as: correct use and protection on the Internet, while enlightening issues related to problematic use in internet, addiction, addiction, etc. The local Church through the “Vigilance on the Internet” puts its services on people! It works on the essence, as a sensory system denaturing well-known knowledge in stimuli to transmit it to humans … All knowledge data gathered come from Universities and authoritative medical scientific sources.

The “Awareness on the Internet” Association acts institutional, non-profit, and promotes cultural, cultural, educational work. It is aimed at childhoods involved in online influence and their parents’ guardians. It operates according to the rules of Orthodox teaching, the moral principles and traditions of our country. The purpose of the Association is to provide awareness-raising activities for the awakening and safety of children and adolescents on the Internet, creating the right conditions for a safer world in the digital age!


The “Vigilance on the Internet” Association, supported by the Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronas, gives breath to the vision of the modern man who wants to be informed in the digital age! The creation of the Society is inspired by a collective vision of citizens, especially parents, as it responds to a true need for a more responsible society in the age of the Internet!

The Vision of the Society “Vigilance on the Internet” is to create a new welfare model in the modern online world! By going through the digital age, while experiencing globalization, the “Watch on the Internet” Association innovates developing a new ideal, balancing the virtue of wisdom with existing strategy theories! Through an institutional framework of values, the Association is activated, taking the initiative at the right time, aiming to serve a common good aim for the correct use by children and adolescents online.

However, a basic prerequisite for the realization of such a vision is the approach of children and adolescents in a simple and pleasant way that combines the traditional way of learning with the modern one eg: Material / e-books. The realization of such a vision gives the guiding so as to harmonize at the same time elements of scientific knowledge, control of the rules of the proper functioning of technological means, humanitarian values ​​having as their basis, respect for man and the Creator.

Considering that we live in a time of technological culture, in all areas of our environment, we envision the transition of society, into a model in which parents, children and adolescents will manage digital systems, expanding knowledge beyond the limits of know-how, knowledge with “biological impact”. Knowledge that in the long run will positively influence the behavior of children and adolescents so that they can understand the interaction of the human brain with digital systems and the internet and the crucial importance of using it in a measure.


The philosophy of the “Society of Vigilance on the Internet” stems from the diachronic values ​​that have always existed in the course of human evolution. Values ​​unaltered, expressed by the interrelated concepts God, man, love, because God created man in his image and likeness by showing his love to man.

However, the philosophy of an association represents the values ​​and principles of the democratic spirit, which is the source of true freedom for the family: for the father, the mother, the child. According to Hugo: “True Freedom is not to make man want but to have the right to do” and in this case it is our non-negotiable right to give all the necessary supplies to our children so that they can be future our true free followers. For this reason, through the “Alert on the Internet” we feel the need for parents to give their children the necessary data and knowledge they will need to manage their everyday life in the digital age.

In conclusion, “Our philosophy is to create the bases for parents, teenagers and children with advanced perception and a high index of digital-biological intelligence.”


Our dear young people, we welcome you to our web site “Internet alert”, the Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronas! We have created a website specifically for you, who want to be informed in a simple and entertaining way according to today’s standards on the Internet, knowledge data: e-books, the latest developments on the Internet, important views, interviews and expert articles! We know that you live with the pulse of your era, since you are basically running at the pace of technological evolution! It is commonly accepted that puberty is a very intense emotional period for young people, reminiscent of adventure, with a hero of your own self, looks like a subversive revolution! The thirst for life, energy, curiosity, the need to belong somewhere, and the need to create your personal identity are your rights! Undoubtedly, the very nature of adolescence leads you to discover these elements to gradually move towards adulthood! This period of personal search is critical to your life! The knowledge, principles and values ​​that you assimilate from an early age through the parental environment, act as reflections and develop your judgment. Sometimes you find difficult or unpleasant situations during adolescence. So, trying to avoid them, you often use the internet world easily, believing that you will find a way out of this way. Be careful, because there is a danger that you can take dangerous paths of flight from reality … Sometimes, you just follow the trend of the season or the preferences of the company … Think first of all …

By living in the digital age, we are experiencing the benefits of know-how, through education that provides us with the resources for our professional goals, and we gain access to useful applications in many areas of life. Nevertheless, there is an indiscriminate dividing line of limits for digital media usage, which, if we cannot distinguish it, it is in danger of dependence on categories of computer games and social networks! A rule that we all need to know is to know that there is this imaginary line!

Imagine it, give it any color you like! You could imagine it as the reflection of the lens!

Or it could look like a ray of light in the dark!

You all use social networks, chat rooms, watch videos, or streaming, participate in MMO role-playing online computer games categories, and in their MMORPG Games subcategories. The virtual worlds exercise a magical power that delivers, entertains, offers a kind of escape from real life! Surely you have know-how, according to research, at least. New-generation online games are an emerging market that works successfully, because they have been built on the “reward of players”. Here in the term “reward” we put the introductions because, in this case, according to a research source by Daria Kuss psychology director at Birmingham University in the United Kingdom, the structure of electronic game engineering, motivation, evolving active participation of players entails with the approach of the psychological rewards of the CNS. . And summarizing what we have said, we come to the following conclusion:

It is not a simple concept …
the “reward of the players”Nervous System.
It is documented by experts thatbecause it is directly linked to the reward system of the Centraladdictions of substances, alcohol and the internet are involvedneural reward networks “of the brain.

Another rule that you need to know is that the components of the success of gaming videos in addition to reward are based on interaction, persistence, commitment! Certainly your young age, you have know-how in technological media such as computers, mobile devices as well as other devices. Among the people with common interests, there is a risk of rewarding each other, often leading everyone in dependence on the internet! The gaming and social networking tool itself is “native addictive”, a term that you will be informed about in the “e-books” section. In addition, one important rule is to keep in mind the false news. Do you think that every day you get a flash of false information through the web? Have you thought that in a matter of seconds the audience itself acts as a means of relaying information to a networked society? Google has distinguished the Associate Professor of Journalism Nikos Panagiotou for his research, supporting it, because he considers it a very important achievement, the ability to be able to define the fake from the new. Really have you thought how many thousands of information can be false? These as well as other relevant topics that we can post here can be found here! The Online Vigilance Association was created to illuminate the paths of your quests, on the road that a modern free and creative young person carries in the real world as well as the digital world!